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Waste Me Not Scrunchie
Waste Me Not Scrunchie

Waste Me Not Scrunchie


Core Values

Mill & Moss unites everyone who shares in the soil. As a movement it brings together agricultural communities, conscious consumers, and restorative production processes to heal our soil, our relationship to each other, and our relationship to the Earth. Reconnecting you to nature - starting with what you put on your body.

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Straight from the Ground

Our product's journey begins in the field, supported localized small-scale farmers, and working exclusively within natural fiber systems

From Concept to Reality

Working with mills across the country, our fabric is processed, prepared, and naturally dyed before being shipped to New York City, where our pieces are craftly pieced together

Seed to Closet

We are a fiber first apparel brand working with natural fiber cycles. Our products are crafted with fiber at the core, uniting those who support a healthy soil system and want to reconnect to the ground


Our goal is to have our entire supply localized to North America, but until then we are not going to shy away from telling you exactly where each step takes place

Our Beliefs


Step into the field with our farmers and get to know the community of individuals that help create our products. No body is perfect. We're all doing our best. At Mill & Moss working with the cleanest ingredients defines our strategy and guides how our brand will grow and develop.


Circularity is restorative and regenerative by design. It integrate the communities that produce with the communities that consume. We draw inspiration on the Earth's system and bring together two dissident ideas, design and nature, uniting and creating congruity.


Mill & Moss questions the disconnect between the dominant model of resource-intensive design and our planet's boundaries. To balance our commitments to our consumers with equal attention to the places and communities producing the resources we consume.

Our Musings

Who is Mill and Moss?
Who is Mill and Moss?

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